Tool #5: Conducting Successful Interviews

icon tool 5In Tool # 5 you will learn how to conduct successful interviews, including employers' responsibilities and inclusive interview techniques. Tool # 5 will also explore how to use socially acceptable language, disability etiquette and proper terminology when interviewing people with disabilities. Additionally, this tool outlines the selection process and how to formulate interview questions to ensure that the best candidate is hired!
When scheduling job interviews, ask applicants if they have any accommodation needs.

An interviewer should ask the same questions to all candidates. Employers are allowed to ask questions about an applicant’s ability to perform the essential duties related to the job.

Always speak directly to the person with a disability- not to the companion, aide or sign language interpreter.

How to interview a person with a visual impairement, hearing impairement or a mobility issue.

An employer, a service provider or a union has the obligation to take steps to eliminate disadvantage to employees, clients or prospective employees.

Always try to avoid stereotypical depictions of people with disabilities. Promote "people first"!

Employers are allowed to ask questions about an applicant’s ability to perform specific job functions.

Selection process: Is screening applicants to ensure that the most appropriate candidate is hired.

Not all disabilities are visible. A person may make a request or behave in a way that seems strange to you. Their request or behaviour may be disability-related.


The toolkit offers a variety of informative tools. Learn about the skills people with disabilities bring to the workplace and use our ‘how-to’ resources, that provide practical tips and strategies on successful recruitment, hiring, inclusion and retention of people with disabilities.


There is help to become an inclusive employer! HIRE for TALENT has a network of organizations offering services and programs designed to help your business recruit, hire, train and retain people with disabilities. After consulting the employer toolkit, call a HIRE for TALENT, Disability Confident PARTNER to find-out what services are available near you!

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Employers often find that workers who identify as having disabilities have unique abilities; they also tend to work harder to prove themselves.
According to employers, people with disabilities perform as well or better than other workers. These employers concluded that hiring people with disabilities did not negatively impact their businesses.
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In a national survey of consumer attitudes towards various companies, 92% of the respondents gave favourable ratings to businesses that hire people with disabilities.
98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received when dealing with an employee with a disability.